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Greg & Karen Clark

Greg and Karen started Clark's in 1992 after moving to Portland from Boise, Idaho, and they are responsible for what this business has become today. Greg and Karen They enjoy camping, working in the yard, and hosting barbecues.

Steve McLaren

Steve McLaren has worked in the meat industry for over 36 years, and he has been working at Clark's for 5 years. His knowledge of the industry and customer service make Steve an exceptional resource. Steve spends most of his days off on the golf course.

Remington Clark

Remington Clark, son of Greg and Karen Clark, has worked at the company for 7 years in sales, warehouse, and delivery. He enjoys hunting  and camping with his wife and their dog, Cali, in his spare time.

Stefan Peterson

Oregon Region Sales

Awna Taylor

Awna Taylor, daughter of Greg and Karen Clark, is an administrative assistant at Clark's, as well as the marketing and communications manager. Awna enjoys making memories with her children and husband and cooking in her spare time.

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